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Component Award 2019 – Windows for the future

In recent years, excellent progress has been made with reference to the thermal quality of windows.
In order to make a significant contribution to cli-mate protection, these further improved windows must enter the global mainstream.
In order to create an impetus and contribute to accelerated uptake of windows that represent the cutting edge in terms of thermal efficiency, the Passive House Institute is organising this compe-tition as part of the AZEB-Project, supported by the European Union.
The evaluation should include the life cycle costs at 50% and the aspects of innovation, practicality and aesthetics (50%). The latter is to be evaluated by a jury comprising experts in the field of window technology.


Thermally improved windows for all


The Passive House comfort- and hygiene criteria are to be achieved by the window at the manufacturer's location, in its installed form and with a shading device. The geographically closest climate data set of the passive house planning package applies. One installation situation is specified by the Passive House Institute; additional installations can also be submitted.
Detailed costs for the product and for a 'base-line' comparison product, which is typical at the location of the manufacturer including glazing, shading and installation must be provided.

Award procedure

Evaluation criteria

The fulfilment of the above-mentioned requirements is a prerequisite.
Life cycle costs will be assessed in comparison to a typical window at the manufacturer's location (50%), innovation (10%), practicability (25%) and aesthetics (15%). The life cycle costs will include the investment costs of the window, the shading and the installation, as well as the energy costs over an assumed period of use of 40 years. Thermal characteristics and investment costs of the baseline windows are also to be provided by the participant for comparison. PHI is also able to determine the thermal characteristics, based on information provided by the participant. The PHI will provide a tool for the purposes of deter-mining the thermal characteristics and the life-cycle costs of the products. Innovation, practicability and aesthetics will be evaluated by a jury comprising experts in the field of window technology.

Participation, costs and services

Participation in the award is possible for all manufacturers with a certified passive house window and initially free of charge.
Fees for calculation of required thermal performance data and consulting will be charged by the PHI following consultation with the participants - please contact us for more information.
Winners will receive a trophy, which, at the request of the participants, will be presented at the 23rd International Passive House Conference. In addition, the winner's windows will be exhibited at the Passive House Institute's booth at the 23rd International Passive House Conference.


Participation is offered in two categories: Tilt & Turn window (1.23 * 1.48 m), as well as a window of Tilt & Turn section with fixed glazing (2.4 m * 1.6 m, horizontally divided, vertical ¼ skylight, ¾ lower part). Participation in the 'Tilt & Turn Win-dows' category is mandatory, but optional in the 'Combined' category.

Tilt & Turn window

Combination of Tilt & Turn section with fixed glazing

Required Documents

Drawings of the participating window, as well as the comparison window, including installation details with shading elements. From the drawing of the installation details, the location and design of the air- and wind-tight layers must be clear. The fixing of the window must also be clearly visible and practicable. The method of shading can be freely chosen by the manufacturer and should be defined in the drawings and calculations. Evidence of the reduction factors for the shading is to be supplied. For all materials, the design values of all thermal conductivities must be proven. The characteristic values of the glaz-ing are to be verified by means of a data sheet showing the type and position of coatings. The investment costs for the participating window and the comparison window must be provided, broken down in each case into glazing, window frames, installation and shading as consumer prices, including VAT. The distance between the manufacturer and the place of installation is to be assumed as 50 km.

Projection of energy costs over the life cycle

The cost of heating energy is the world market price for crude oil, added to the impact of a CO2 compensation. For cooling energy, electricity from an on-site photovoltaic system is used in conjunction with a heat pump.

Award ceremony

The winner will be announced at the 23rd International Passive House Conference on 21st | 22nd of September 2019 in Gaobeidian, China


Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Krick,
Passive House Institute
Rheinstraße 44|46
64283 Darmstadt
Tel. +49 6151 82699-12,

The Component Award 2019 is part of the EU-funded project AZEB.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 754174


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