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Today it is a well established fact that new buildings can now be designed so that they consume just a fraction of the energy they used to. A five-figure number of Passive Houses have been built in Europe up till now. Passive Houses are buildings with a heating demand that is just a tenth of that of average existing buildings. The quality requirements for the Passive House standard were defined long ago; the relevant requirements have been published and are freely accessible on the internet.  Planning tools such as the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and information resources such as Passipedia are also available. These are not meant to replace architects – but they do make life easier for them!

Planners and designers can acquire the necessary substantiated expertise in further training courses and seminars. A large range of courses are available.

Another form of advanced education is through practical implementation. An architect who has already planned and built a certified Passive House indisputably possesses the necessary know-how. The certificate shows the building owner that the designer or consultant has acquired the knowledge and experience relevant for planning or consultancy services for Passive House projects.

Certified Passive House designers must not be confused with accredited building certifiers who carry out certification of buildings as “Certified Passive Houses”.

You can find more information regarding Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants here: Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants.

A list of certified Passive House Designers/Consultants can be found here: List of certified Passive House Designers/Consultants

A search for other certified Passive House Designers/Consultants can be carried out using the search function for members of the iPHA The International Passive House Association.


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