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User manual for Passive Houses

Please note that all publications listed, unless marked with (EN), are available in German only; the titles of these publications have been translated here for your information only.

The International Passive House Association (iPHA) is working to translate the most important findings into English and make them available through Passipedia, the online Passive House resource.

Free downloads: Word and PDF documents

The following documents are part of the final project report on “Cost-effective multi-storey Passive House in dense urban developments". The research report was funded by the German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (reference number B 15-800198-15). The responsibility for the content of the report lies with the author.

The report offers general guidelines which must be adapted to the specific construction project at least at the indicated places. The user manual focuses on multi-storey residential buildings but they key points can be transferred to detached, terraced or apartment block buildings as well.

Part 1: Construction manual for Passive Houses ( pdf 3,82 MB)

Part 2: Simulation of the thermal characteristics of a Passive House building in multi-storey housing typology and urban development ( pdf 428 KB)

Part 3: Requirements for cost-effective Passive House suitable ventilation systems for multi-storey buildings and verification in a pilot project ( pdf 655 KB)

Part 4A: User Manual ( pdf 112 KB)

Part 4B: Handbook for property management services ( pdf 60 KB)

Part 4C: Living in a Passive House – at a glance ( pdf 22 KB)

Part 1 bis 4: PDF documents ( pdf 3,50 MB)

Part 4: Word documents ( pdf 1,90 MB)

Any comments, additions and suggestions are welcome; please email us at mail[at], subject line: “User Manual” – many thanks!


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