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Component Award proves Passive House windows profitable

Component Award 2014 – Documentation of results ( pdf 1.3 MB)

Eleven winners were honoured at the International Passive House Conference

The winners of the first ever Passive House Component Award have been selected and a total of eleven Passive House windows received a recognition. The real winners, however, are the building owners, for the results of this international competition demonstrate that it is possible to save money with highly efficient building components. Manufacturers offered their products at retail prices including installation for an example building. For each of the four categories, "PVC," "Wood," "Wood/Aluminium," and "Aluminium," the overall investment and energy costs saved in comparison with standard windows were the decisive factor. The Award was presented at the International Passive House Conference from 25 to 26 April 2014 in Aachen, Germany.

Awardees in the category Wood
1. Natura Optimo XLT by M Sora (certificate )
1. Pfeffer RPS by Pfeffer (certificate )
2. Holz-2-Holz by Freisinger-Optiwin (certificate )

Awardees in the category Wood/Aluminium
1. Smartwin Compact by Lorber / pro Passivhausfenster (certificate )
1. Futura by Bieber-Optiwin (certificate )
2. Alu-2-Holz by Freisinger-Optiwin (certificate )

Awardees in the category Aluminium
1. Pural eco 90 by Pural GmbH (certificate )
1. Frame 90 WI by Raico Bautechnik GmbH (certificate )

Awardee in the category PVC
1. VADB-Plus 550 by Hilzinger FBS GmbH (certificate )

Special prizes
"Innovative Glazing": System DW-plus by Wiegand Fensterbau (certificate )
"Lowest Heat Losses": ENERsign arctis by Pazen Fenster+Technik GmbH (certificate )

The prizes were presented by Dr. Wolfgang Feist, founder and director of the Passive House Institute, at the Eurogress in Aachen. Further details on the award and its winners are shown in the Presentation Slides from the award ceremony.

Flyer Component Award 2014 ( pdf 207 KB)

Contact person at the Passive House Institute:
Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Krick
Header: Component Award 2014

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