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Embodied energy

  • Study – "Optimum glazing in the regions of Europe considering the embodied energy" – It is evident, that the
    U-value of glazing will decrease by increasing the number of panes and low-e-coatings, so the transmission losses through the glazing will decrease (just as the cooling load in cooling climates). At the same time, the
    g-value decreases too, so the solar gains are decreasing as well. In addition, the embodied energy increases with the overall thickness of the used glass, inert gas and the numbers of coatings.
    The task of this study was therefore to determine an overall energy balance (transmission losses, solar gains and embodied energy) over the life cycle of a glazing to carry out the best option in terms of the overall energy balance for the regions of Europe.
    Download ( pdf 1,18 MB)

Further technical literature on this topic is available for purchase here.


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