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Research and other activities carried out by the Passive House Institute in the field of highly energy efficient buildings are described below:


The Passive House Institute offers lectures and seminars for those interested in energy-efficient construction and Passive Houses. Please contact us for more information.


After a building has been completed, the Passive House Institute carries out monitoring measurements for quality assurance reasons. Tracer gas measurements are used to ascertain the parameters for air quality so that ventilation concepts can be verified. For the optimisation and certification of ventilation units with heat recovery, Passive House Institute evaluates ventilation units that have been tested in external facilities.

Monitoring and evaluation Tracer gas measurements Evaluation of Ventilation units with heat recovery


The Passive House Institute developed the simulation software Dynbil for predicting thermal behaviour of innovative building concepts and uses this to conduct scientific monitoring of construction work and its evaluation. In addition, flow simulations (CFD), two-dimensional and three-dimensional calculation of heat flows and daylight simulations are also carried out.

Dynamic building simulation with Dynbil Flow simulations (CFD) Daylight simulations

Product development/certification:

As an independent authority, the Passive House Institute tests and certifies products in respect of their suitability for use in Passive Houses. For this purpose the PHI provides advice for manufacturing companies regarding the thermal optimisation of products and planning details right from the start.  Testing and certification of Passive House buildings can take place for quality assurance reasons; this can be undertaken by the PHI and other accredited institutions.

Thermal optimisation of products Certification of Passive House Components Certification of buildings

Software development/planning tools:

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) developed by the Passive House Institute is the internationally applicable tool for designing Passive Houses. Other planning aids are also available for architects, engineers, property developers and investors.

Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) Other tools and planning aids

Quality assurance:

Quality assurance for Passive House projects takes place with solid advice relating to thermal efficiency right from the start, and continuous testing of all planning variants using the PHPP. Infrared thermographic imaging and BlowerDoor tests are carried out by the Passive House Institute in order to test the quality of the external envelope.

Quality assurance for Passive House projects Infrared thermographic imaging Airtightness measurements

Further training:

Lectures, seminars and conferences for all those involved in the planning and construction process can be found here:

Sessions of the Research Group for Cost-effective Passive Houses
Passive House Designer/Consultant Courses
Passive House Tradesperson Courses
International Passive House Conference


Communication on Passive House and on behalf of the Passive House Institute is mainly undertaken by the International Passive House Association.


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